Welcome back to Couture & Construction, an uplifting podcast dedicated to the many different aspects of the luxury building industry. In our seventeenth episode we introduce you to Debbie Mathews, CEO of Debbie Mathews Antiques and Designs, LLC. Throughout the episode, Andrew and Debbie discuss the evolution of wallpaper from the 1740s to today’s recent comeback as one of the hottest trends in design. Debbie highlights the many different types of wall coverings, how to experiment with the various textures, colors and prints, and where to put wall coverings in your home.

“People are now open to having an accent wall. Whether it just be with a paint color, or some fabulous over scaled floral, something very dramatic even just on one wall. So I think that sort of opened the door to just unleashing this creativity in the world of wall covering.

Debbie Mathews

The sky’s the limit with wall coverings

Scenic, custom, hand painted wall murals; luxurious, chinoiserie prints;  textured papers; grass cloths; accent walls; bold, geometric prints with large scale; hand blocked wall coverings; the sky’s the limit and we’re continuing to see an evolution of wall coverings as it makes a huge comeback in the design industry. It adds dimension to a living space and reflects personality in a home.

A creative way to use wallpaper for those homeowners that may be unable to afford to wallpaper an entire room is to frame it. Perhaps two to three 7’ panels of paper or cloth framed, and hang it like artwork in a hallway or dining room.

Set of 3 framed chinoiserie panels from Collective & Co.

Consider how wall coverings have an impact on your artwork, furnishings, sconces, millwork, etc.  Think about how these interior elements might cover the beautiful wallpaper or mural scenes and how to seamlessly integrate décor into the wall coverings.

Eager to find out more about wall coverings and Debbie Mathews? Listen to Episode 17 to find out!

More About our Guest

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Debbie Mathews Antiques and Designs, LLC is a full service interior design firm which specializes in high-end residential projects. From new construction to simple refreshes, our goal is to realize each room’s greatest potential. With a keen focus to detail, our team works collaboratively with clients to navigate through the many decisions involved with high-quality, custom design work. Clients repeatedly tell us that our diverse experience, infectious energy, and unparalleled service make the process efficient and enjoyable.

Debbie’s passion for beautiful things, paired with her love of antiques and timeless architecture, gives each of our interiors a sense of history and purpose. She is uniquely recognized for her hallmark design aesthetic of anchoring a room with timeless antiques and layering in more contemporary furniture and accessories. Her 30+ years of experience buying and selling fine antiques has proven to be a design distinction often unmatched. Because of this dedication to timeless and classic elements of design, our projects always reflect charm, warmth and curated beauty. 

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The wallpaper samples shown above are photographed & distributed by Serena & Lily. The 3 chinoiserie panels are photographed & distributed by Collective & Co.

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