Top 5 Tips From Season 3 of Couture & Construction, a Textures Nashville Podcast

Since the conclusion of our third season of Couture & Construction, we’ve spent some time reflecting on what we learned. From themes including The Expansion and Growth of Nashville, Ready for Renovation, Design & Build Community Resources, and Voices of Impact, to guests ranging from business leaders, restauranteurs, and journalists to interior designers, vendors, and builders, a huge amount of fascinating information was gleaned. The following is a list of the ubiquitous pieces of advice throughout Season 3.

1. Collaboration

Whether we discussed commercial or residential design, networking events, or client relationships, we learned that bringing unique perspectives to the table helps to foster collaboration. Which in turn, creates a larger collective of ideas.

“Our profession is so collaborative by nature.”

Paul Jones, Powell. Episode 48 “Designing for Hospitality”

2. Residential Design Impacts Hospitality and Office Design

And vice versa. Offices, hotels, and restaurants are bringing a level of personalization to the design to make spaces feel more like home. Custom bars, booths, banquettes are coming directly from restaurants and hotels into the home. Libraries, lounges, & cozy nooks are all created to make hotel/restaurant guests or office workers more comfortable in the space.

“A lot of our clients & what we’re seeing is they’re wanting to make their spaces feel more personalized…have more of that home aspect in the office.”

Jacqueline Mondelli, STG Design. Episode 47 “The Office Post Pandemic”

3. Vision

Establish a vision for the project and then work to bring it to life. Lay the frameworks, determine the common thread throughout the project, and highlight what aspects are important before starting the creative design. It may seem obvious, but every decision and every aspect of the design process hark back to the original vision.

“It takes people with vision to build something.”

Duane Vanhook, President of the Home Builders Association of Tennessee. Episode 59 “Voices of Impact: Duane Vanhook”

4. Longevity

Every builder, designer, architect, or vendor we speak with emphasizes the same thing, design for longevity, design for permanence. Whether you’re choosing your slab or picking out furniture, think about the long-term lifecycle. Quality products and timeless design are worth the investment upfront.

“You’re never gonna grow tired of quality.”

Robin Rains, Robin Rains Interior Design. Episode 50 “Everything You Need To Know About Furnishings”

Authentic, organic, & natural. When we asked our guests of Season 3 about design trends, those three words came up again and again. Authentic materials that stand the test of time (recall tip #04)….organic, warm, and inviting…natural materials from colors to textures.

“We’re getting a lot of requests for things that feel more natural and more whimsical. That’s the trend we’re seeing nationally.”

Gena Dorminey, Circa Lighting. Episode 56 “Roundtable: Vendors”

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