Top 10 Hardwood Flooring Questions

Textures Nashville answers the top ten most commonly asked questions about hardwood flooring, from designing and choosing your ideal product to installation and maintenance!

  1. Where do I start when it comes to picking out my floors? We offer both video and in-person appointments in our corporate showroom located within the Nashville Design Collective in the heart of the Wedgewood Houston community. You’ll work with a design consultant to make your dream a reality and answer any of your questions.
  2. What’s the difference between Engineered and Solid flooring? Engineered flooring is a more environmentally friendly and dimensionally stable product. Most of our materials are engineered for these reasons. We do offer solid wood flooring as well.
  3. Is this real wood? Yes, our products are made from the finest quality, Northern Appalachian and European hardwoods.
  4. What design patterns do you offer? Parquets, chevron, herringbone, and any other custom patterns. If you can dream it we can create it! 
  5. My flooring looks lighter (darker) in person than the sample I viewed in the showroom. Is that normal? Yes. Every piece of wood is its only individual piece of wood. Samples are intended to show approximate color and finish.
  6. I have kids or pets. What species do you recommend? The most common type of hardwood flooring we provide to clients with busy families or pets is Northern Appalachian White Oak and European White Oak. Typically with either of these selections, we add texture such as wire brushing. Wire brushing is not only beautiful but helps minimize the noticeability of day-to-day usage.
  7. What is your lead time? Most of our materials are available for delivery within 6-12 weeks. Lead time is project and material specific. Occasionally we do inventory new styles and these materials can be available within days if inventory is available.
  8. What’s your installation process and how do you install the wood? Textures provides turnkey service which means we can handle your project from conception through installation. Each job is different, but our clients love working with our project managers and professional installation crews. We subcontract for installation. We do not install carpet and we do install material other than Textures Flooring. Typically, we prefer to use full spread adhesive otherwise we’ll use mechanical fastening, such as staple and nailing. We do not recommend floating installations for hardwood flooring. Full spread adhesive has many benefits, it chemically bonds the floor to the sub straight which mitigates popping, creaking, cracking, and moisture.
  9. Why does the temperature and humidity of a home affect wood flooring? The simple answer is wood is always living and always responding to its environment. Therefore, humidity and temperature impact a wood’s disposition, whether it’s hardwood flooring or any wood product. This is why we encourage engineered hardwood floors whenever possible because they are much more stable.
  10. How do you recommend cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors? Cleaning and maintenance is a very important aspect of caring for your floor, do not proceed with the introduction of a cleaning material until care and cleaning have been provided according to manufacturer specifications. Cleaning solutions depend on the finish of the floors – talk to your design consultant for recommendations based on your floor selection.

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Textures Nashville answers the top ten most commonly asked questions about hardwood flooring, from designing and choosing your ideal product to installation and maintenance!

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