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Understanding Construction Budgets with Kelley Ladwig

Welcome back to Couture & Construction, an uplifting podcast dedicated to the many different aspects of the luxury building industry. In this fourth episode we introduce you to real estate agent and home buyer, Kelly Ladwig. Throughout the episode, she shares  about the importance of budgets in the home building process from the homeowner’s perspective.

Bottom line. Educate yourself. Get an idea, no matter where you live, of what things are running. Then start to decide what's important. Is this school district worth it to push your budget? Are you willing to maybe not have the house you wanted to have the land? Everything is give and take. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money, there are going to be some sacrifices.

Kelly Ladwig

Rely on your home building team

For the best results, get your whole team involved in the pricing processes, including your architect, builder, and interior designer.  

Some homeowners may look at interior designers as an added expense, but they often save a lot of money thinking through things differently than the builder or architect might. They can pay for themselves in savings and provide some beautiful results. 

Get a team together who are the best at what they do. Let them do what they do and things are going to go smoothly.

Eager to find out more about the building process and Kelly Ladwig? Listen to this episode to find out!

More About our Guest

As a little girl, Kelly Ladwig’s favorite day of the week was Sunday.  Because that’s when she would go to open houses with her parents.   As an adult, homes have become her passion.

Kelly has renovated several homes, designed several others and is currently embarking on a custom home build of her own. This project spurred her to head to the Instagram app a year ago.  She started her account @homeonanashvillehill as a way to get some inspiration for her build as well as learn from others.  She quickly gained a loyal following who know her for her candor as well as her love of black windows, iron doors, reclaimed brick, handmade floors and tile.  She’s discovered there’s a real need for content to help other people who are also building and she’s currently working on a video series featuring her home.

Kelly, originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, spent 20 years as a television news reporter, producer and on-camera talent.  She’s also spent a dozen years in advertising, working with global brands such as Nissan and INFINITI as well as a variety of travel and education accounts.  Her skill for telling a brand’s story using new technology like virtual and augmented reality has resulted in multiple awards including the coveted Cannes Lion.

When Kelly isn’t building her home or writing about homes, she helps other people find their dream homes as a real estate agent with The Waypoint Team with Parks Realty.

She and her wife Suzie admit they’re building their new Williamson County, TN house for their two dogs and three cats.  They just get to live there.  In her spare time she loves working out, cooking and planning her next trip to either Italy or the Maldives.

Kelly Ladwig on construction budgets

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