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Podcast Episode 26

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Welcome back to Couture & Construction, an uplifting podcast dedicated to the many different aspects of the luxury building industry. In Episode 26, we’re joined by Mitzi Maynard, an Interior Designer & the Owner of Redo Home + Design.  Andrew and Mitzi discuss what we need to know to make a home that needs some work done a dream home. They also discuss Mitzi’s recent home renovation. This episode dives into interesting insights about the remodel process, including the transition from lead designer to client, and working with Textures Nashville on Mitzi’s dream bespoke hardwood floor.

I really love to dig deep, personally, into a client’s style and really reflect them in their home.

The process of renovating

The house Mitzi and her husband found in Oak Hill, Nashville, “really needed love,” as Mitzi put it. While her husband certainly needed some convincing to embark upon a remodel, Mitzi knew off the bat the house was for her. She said she felt “at peace” as she walked the halls of the house they found and loved the history of the home built in 1947. Mitzi knew the house would require a lot of renovation, but she also wanted it to be turnkey so they could easily sell it if they needed to down the road. So, they began the process of a remodel…

To start, she brought together her team:  a designer (in this case, herself) and a builder. When choosing a general contractor or builder, look for someone who’s really into the details, someone who asks very thorough, all-inclusive questions. Is the person you’re interviewing “mirroring your energy?” If a builder gives you an estimate really quickly and didn’t dig into what you want from your project, they likely aren’t investing much into you or your remodel. Next, understand that the timeline the builder gives is “flexible,” and you likely will not be moving in at the deadline they give at the start.  An important piece of advice when undertaking a whole house renovation:  make sure to think about where you will stay during the process. 

Forming the vision. In Mitzi’s case, the bones of the house were her absolute favorite design – classic architecture – from a beautiful arch in the living room to the original fireplaces, she knew it had the potential to really showcase her own style. When working with clients she also likes for their personal style to be reflected in their home. Advice for couples starting a renovation:  do your homework, work with an expert, and determine what is the most important to you so the designer can “design the house for how you live,” says Mitzi. Mitzi asks her clients to send her tons of pictures of inspiration of styles they like and even if they’re all different, she says there is “always a theme that emerges.”

Make sure you’re able to really give yourself to the process as it can be all consuming and you’ll need to be able to make time in your life to manage it. Be prepared for stumbling blocks and unforeseen challenges. For example, in Mitzi’s home she ended up losing the original crown molding, but in turn, was able to raise the ceilings 8” which is great from an investment standpoint. One way to circumvent unforeseen obstacles from cropping up is really explore the home before you get started to know what you’re getting into. Don’t be afraid to pull up the floors or knock down the drywall to really see what you’re working with.

Throughout the process, Mitzi is constantly thinking of how her clients will be living in the space. Do they need a play space? Do they need a quiet area? Do they need space for a large dining table or couch that seats 10 people? From the moment the architect is designing the space, Mitzi is “dropping furniture in” to make sure it fits with the clients’ lifestyle and the renovation design. Mitzi’s last bit of advice, when you’re hiring a designer make sure you have chemistry!

When the renovation is done, the biggest reward is feeling like it’s truly your home. Built for you, styled for you. Tune in to Episode 26, “Renovations & Remodels” to hear more from Mitzi on the process of renovating and to hear about her very unique, custom floors from Textures Nashville.

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More About our Guest

I am a designer here in Nashville and have been for many years now. I own the retail shop, Redo Home and Design and I am a full time Interior Designer. I believe in creating unique, inviting spaces designed around beauty and functionality. I work with a collective of designers at Redo Home and Design in hopes that I can provide better service because of our support and encouragement of one another.

I have a background in design, and my projects vary and include all phases of the design process. I work with new builds and renovations, from the architectural style and lay out, down to the last detail. I have worked hard to create design that is not about my style, rather embodying the clients’ styles I am working with. It’s all about creating a space that is practical for your lifestyle, and is beautiful and welcoming to come home to.

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