Hardwood Flooring, Nashville Style

Nashville is known as a creative epicenter. With a hip vibe and a simultaneous ode to the past, Nashville is the perfect intersection of sexy and timeless. Because of “who” Nashville is we really get to have some fun designing materials for some amazing people and places…we get to help define iconic spaces.

Since 2004, Textures Nashville has been working with the Interior Design (both residential and commercial) and Luxury Home community. We have always offered the finest materials from the best manufactures in the world but we found out that this is not always good enough. Come to find out…people LOVE custom, craft goods…made just for them, reflecting who they are and what they feel…

We wanted to equip our designers with an option no one else offers, the ability to design every aspect of their hardwood flooring. This option allows the foundation of the interior design to be completely custom and bespoke for the client. The floors now get to speak…whether a soft canvas for the rest of the design to rest upon or a bold statement that IS the design.

As you may not be aware, custom hardwood flooring literally has thousands of options that impact the space. From the broad; species of wood, color and sheen level-or the minute; milling technique, board length or provenance of the tree.

Our clients get to have everything they want- stair treads made to match the flooring, hardwax oil finishes, low sheen matte finishes, widths up to 16″ and lengths up to 16 feet…anything and everything.

Wide Plank, White Oak, Plain Sawn. Circle Sawn, Hardwax Oil
Reclaimed, Mixed Species, Long Board, Appalachian Reclaimed, Clear Conversion Varnish Finish

Partnering with the best craftsman in the business makes this possible…our friends from the Northern Appalachians, Peachey Wood Products

Pure Perfection- 7″ Wide, Wore Brushed, Live Sawn White Oak and the worlds most neutral yet warm color 🙂
Elegant, timeless and perfect- Walnut, 4×16 herringbone, conversion varnish
Maple End Grain, Natural and beautiful– can be made into any pattern

We love the details these materials allow us to provide our clients– it really is about the details, too…that after all is what makes it custom…

Our Craftsman make your dreams possible…it is a CUSTOM Home after all…


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