Hardwood Flooring; Nashville Style- The Russell Hotel

The Lobby of The Russell Hotel in East Nashville- featuring our custom Herringbone Hardwood Flooring

The Russell Hotel is Nashville’s newest and possibly most unique boutique hotel. Located in the heart of East Nashville, this 115 year old former Church is breathtaking and original.

Located at 819 Russell Street in East Nashville, this beautiful 115 year old Church has a new purpose

The Russell project was so fun and inspiring. The design and build was performed by Powell Studio Design in East Nashville and they were incredible to work with. When Katie Vance of Powell contacted us regarding this project we were thrilled. At our initial meeting; Katie explained that the interior design was inspired by the 115 year old antique stain glass in the lobby. The Powell team had already specified the beautiful and colorful porcelain tile for the lobby. Our mission was to create a hardwood flooring that completed the vision.

The meeting place in the Russell Nashville

Instead of bordering the porcelain tile and creating a transition we pitched integrating the wood to the stone. Everyone loved the idea! We custom milled Northern Appalachian Rift and Quartered White Oak to match the dimension of the porcelain stone. We built the floor as a 3/4″ Engineered hardwood so that the material was more stable. We were also able to control the milling precision more effectively. We created a custom color stain that mutes the yellows and creams common in White Oak and finished the wood with a matte conversion varnish.

Harmony…timeless and bold…very proud!

The Russell Nashville is a project that makes us proud. Also, it is wonderful to work on a project that truly benefits community. The Russell is on a mission to help those in Nashville who are experiencing homelessness by donating a substantial portion of each nights room rate to local outreach programs.

A sweet Suite in the Russell Nashville

For the rooms; our Textures Curated Details 7″ European White Oak was the specification. Our contemporary brown stain “Nightshade” was the color chosen. The material has a light wire brush and a matte water based finish. Timeless and durable.

Love the exposed original brick and the fun style

The design and vision for this new landmark in Nashville truly inspired us. We are privileged to work on great projects and love every minute of it! Get by the Russell and check it out 🙂


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