Welcome back to Couture & Construction, an uplifting podcast dedicated to the many different aspects of the luxury building industry. In our nineteenth episode we introduce you to Heather Looney, Designer and VP for Castle Homes located in Nashville TN. A timely topic for 2020:  where we live and how we live can have vast impacts on the way we live. Well designed spaces should evoke positive responses at every interaction. How can our homes’ design and features contribute to our wellbeing? Heather talks to us about happier, healthier and smarter living.

“Getting into the holistically understood thought behind fine design & fine living within your home, whether it’s a thousand square feet or whether it’s ten thousand square feet. You’ve got to feel good in your home when you walk in.

Heather Looney
House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House by Castle Homes

Your home directly impacts your wellbeing

Heather walks us through the Wellness Within Your Walls ten point system to create a healthier, more sustainable home. We highlight some of the key points here, but make sure to tune in to the episode to hear more about all of the ten points.

A well house starts with clean air. Breathe pure and sleep better with air purification HEPA filters. Make sure to clean your filters and replace them in a timely manner. Next, clean water. Water impacts the health of your hair, skin, and even your clothes. Consider a whole home water filtration system to purify water. Clean water also leads to less plastic bottle usage, which directly impacts the environment as well.

Natural light, vitamin D, is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Encourage a client to have open, airy spaces with as many windows as possible to bring in natural light. And, don’t forget about physical wellness! Having a home gym has increasingly become a primary item on clients’ wish lists when building a home. Mirror, Peloton and other similar home gym solutions make physical wellness at home easier to fit within your particular lifestyle. “There are so many different ways to promote physical wellness….motivate and maintain!” says Heather. 

Technology investments during the building process make your home smarter by saving time and money to make your life easier and safer in the short and long term. These include 100% integrated smart-home systems or even Nest, Apple, Amazon, etc solutions to control lighting, locks, sound control, shades, security systems, and more. However, these can be expensive so make sure to use your resources to find a solution that is right for you.

Finally when it comes to creating a happier home, Heather has noticed an increased investment in the landscape and exterior areas of homes. Whether it’s putting in an outdoor sports court, a pool, a meditation garden, or a beautiful patio with a hanging daybed, everyone wants to upgrade their exteriors, especially in this unprecedented time, to essentially vacation at home. “Creating beauty in that exterior area with your outdoor LED lighting, with fans, with your personal climate devices that might be next to your chair…outdoor living has quite migrated,” Heather shares.

Tune in to Episode 19 to hear more from Heather and learn about how your home can impact your wellbeing.

More About Our Guest

Heather Looney is a Designer and VP for Castle Homes located in Nashville, TN. Heather was originally a singer, song writer, but has always been interested and involved in the building and design industry. Her father was a builder and she was the designer for him and then married a builder and stayed in design and has always loved it. She continues to keep her music on the side.

Castle [Homes] is something that I live, eat, and breathe, and I always have. We do it together & that’s the beauty of it.

Heather Looney

Heather is known for being creative and leading the design team for Castle. Amongst their beautiful portfolio is the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House built in Nashville last year. Castle Homes is acclaimed in the community for innovation and craftsmanship.

Connect with Heather

All photographs were taken by David A. Land at the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House built by Castle Homes

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