Welcome back to Couture & Construction, an uplifting podcast dedicated to the many different aspects of the luxury building industry. In our twentieth episode, we speak with Caroline Sharpnack, Interiors and Lifestyle Photographer based in her hometown of Nashville, TN. In our world of interior design and architecture, we spend countless hours viewing photos of projects before, during, and after in the build and design process.  Caroline shares with us how interior photography works and gives us some tips on what we all should know.

“The only issue I think photographers run in [to] from time to time is when you’ve got social media – you’ve got your photos being circulated all over the place and sometimes you just cannot control who posts… and, sometimes it’s so hard to catch those things and make sure that people are crediting, not only me as the photographer, but anyone else who’s involved in making that image. So, I think that can be a bit tricky and I wish I had an answer for it, but you know how big social media is, sometimes it’s just hard to keep up with that.”

Caroline Sharpnack

Behind the photos

When photographers take photos, they own those photos, otherwise known as the copyright. Most photographers will not give up the copyright, but they will license out their images with two options:  limited use and unlimited use licenses. A limited use license gives the image receiver the ability to post the photos to social media, their website, or get published in digital or print publications. An unlimited use license allows the receiver to essentially have free rein with the photos without the copyright, with the exception of the ability to sell the photos. Be cognizant of the fact that the people behind the pictures are small businesses too, and be respectful by ensuring you’re crediting the photographer and following the rules of the license in the contract.

Caroline shares how she develops perspective when shooting interior photography. She always does a walk-through of the space before shooting to find all the best angles for shooting interiors. “Interior photography is so much about clean lines, you have to have those perfect, straight lines,” says Sharpnack. She’s also a big lover of natural light, and it helps in showing the true colors of paint, flooring, textiles, etc much better. Lamps, overhead lights, or candles burning tend to cast a yellow glow on everything. The orangey-yellow from overhead lights will translate two-fold, maybe three-fold on the photos. 

With today’s technology, what’s stopping us from taking our own photos with the camera in our pocket, an iPhone? iPhones are great for behind-the-scenes photos, but professional photography is going to be cleaner, crisper, much more precise photos. Additionally, a professional photographer will spend ample time editing photos to provide you with the perfect photos for exactly what you’re looking for.

Tune in to Episode 20 to hear more from Caroline and learn all about interior photography!

More About our Guest

Caroline Sharpnack is an Interiors & Lifestyle Photographer based in her hometown of Nashville, TN. Caroline has an ever-expanding love for design, and stays inspired through travel and books. She’s passionate about capturing beautiful moments that occur within a space and conveying through photographs the unique story each space has to tell.

Clients + features include:  Luxe, Domino, Dwell, Lonny, Homepolish, Southern Living, The Everygirl, Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler, Houzz, Airbnb, StyleBlueprint Nashville

Connect with Caroline

All of the photographs above were taken by Caroline Sharpnack & can be located on her website

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