Welcome back to Couture & Construction, an uplifting podcast dedicated to the many different aspects of the luxury building industry. In our eighteenth episode we introduce you to Brady Fry, owner of Fry Classic Construction located in Nashville TN. This week’s episode features a topic near and dear to our heart as a small business owner – Becoming Better. We spoke with Brady about what happens to your business when you connect with other leaders and seek new perspectives or ask for help.

“I just think that as a leader the first thing you have to acknowledge is, what do I have to do to lead these people? Because the growth of this business is going to be my ability to accomplish things through others.

Brady Fry

Feeling on an Island

Small businesses are frequently fighting to move their business forward. When you can come together with industry peers “there’s this reciprocity that you gain that makes everybody better,” says Fry. Reciprocity is where growth really happens.

Set yourself up to handle feedback from peers. Some tips:  sometimes you have to hear the honest truth, position your mind to be willing to accept the feedback, you will receive better feedback from people you trust and respect. However, be careful when you ask for feedback. Consider what their motivations are and why are they giving it to you. 

The Fry Classic Construction Contemporary Farmhouse in Oak Hill, TN.

Have the confidence to reach out to peers or people you admire to start to build those industry relationships. It takes a team and your community can be one of your best assets by helping each other be better. As Fry says, “we all win together,” and it makes the process more fun!

Eager to find out more about becoming better and Brady Fry? Listen to Episode 18 to find out!

More About our Guest

Brady Fry is the owner of Fry Classic Construction located in Nashville TN. Brady has been building for the past twenty years in Nashville and is one of the most esteemed members of our building community. A life-long learner, Brady spends his free time educating himself on the latest trends in architecture and design, as well as staying updated on new techniques and innovations in the custom home building industry. If you are not familiar with the work Fry does, be sure to check out their amazing portfolio.

Connect with Brady

1st photograph is from the O’More Show Home, 2nd photograph is from the Contemporary Farmhouse, 3rd photograph is from the Party Barn. All pictures were pulled from the Fry Classic Construction website.

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