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Wallpaper Designs Are Bold And Better Than Ever

Not your parent’s wallpaper. It’s back and wallpaper designs are bolder than ever with fierce graphic prints that are a growing trend in home interiors today.

I grew up in the late 70’s. We lived in a split level home with rusty brown shag carpet, the customary avocado and mustard colored appliances and even [gasp] a pink toilet. The walls in almost every room of the house were covered with wallpaper. Oh, the wallpaper!!! The pattern in our dining room was so busy that if you walked into the room too fast, you would start to see spots and dizziness would occur. If what I have described sounds uncannily familiar, then you understand my reservations about using wallpaper in my home.

However wallpaper designs today are nothing like the wallpapers of my childhood. The latest designs in wallpaper décor and application make a statement without overpowering the room. Wallpaper does far more for a room in terms of design than what paint can do alone. Today’s wallpaper is printed using digital printing techniques yielding effects that were not available back in the days of hand printed wallpapers. Here are some of my favorite wallpaper designs for your home.

wallpaper designs

Source: desiretoinspire.net via Beautiful on Pinterest

Scared to commit to a whole room of wallpaper? Why not use it as a focal point on an accent wall? Using it sparingly let’s you get all the design benefits without overdoing it.

wallpaper designs

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

This modern wallpaper adds texture and color to this contemporary dining room. Without the wallpaper, the settee would get lost on the wall and the Lucite table and chairs would not be highlighted.

Source: dwellerswithoutdecorators.blogspot.com via Beautiful on Pinterest

In this living room the sunny yellow wallpaper design has been framed out to become art. This is a creative way to make a style statement without breaking the bank.

wallpaper designs

This dining room’s dramatic wallpaper design is the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous mirror and chandelier. The glossy design over the matte background is eye-catching without over-doing it.

This dip dyed ombre wallpaper design in this entry way is cutting edge. Get a high end look that is difficult to achieve with paint by hanging wallpaper.

Source: houzz.com via Beautiful on Pinterest

Not just for the vertical walls, wallpaper can also be hung on the ceiling for a dramatic impact. We love the vibrant print damask wallpaper design in this nursery. The draperies and accent chair perfectly coordinate this elegant space.

Source: maricken.fi via Beautiful on Pinterest

Perhaps my most favorite of all designs I’ve seen is the fierce modern graphic print by Marimekko Kaivo- Helsinki Finland. A word of caution: Use this one sparingly or you’ll wind up with a room that is anything but welcoming.

Are the latest trends in wallpaper design something you’d like to use in your home? Comment and let us know what you think.

~Beautiful Home Ideas

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