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The three R’s in Green

“Going Green” can mean many different things. There are now lawyers, architects and consultants that have made green buildings their entire business. The “Three Rs” can help anyone get started to understanding the environmental impact of their flooring selections:

Recyclability – The floor made with post-consumer or post-industrial recycled material. Ideally the materials can even be recycled again into additional products, such as certain carpet fibers.

Rapidly Renewable – Floors are considered “green” if they can be quickly replenished. Bamboo is cut and then grows back from the same stump; sometimes at four feet per day. Wool carpets obviously come from sheep. There are durable, attractively priced carpets made of corn fibers.

Regional – Is the material made or distributed close to home, defined as a 500 mile radius of your location? In the Tennessee area, that might be oak floors, certain tile products or carpet products out of Georgia.

That’s the “Three Rs”; basics to being green. Textures Flooring is a good source for more specific green product ideas.

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  1. Yes, Theodore, sometimes LEED can be compolicated. If you need help, let us know. We have access to consultants that can help.

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