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Stair Runners!!! A Custom Design Feature that looks Awesome!!

Stair Runners!!! A Custom Design Feature that looks Awesome!!

Stair runners can be such an amazing design feature in a home. Of all of the projects we work on few add as much impact for as little money as stairs. Not only are runners a beautiful addition to the home they can greatly increase safety and deaden noise. Typically runners take less than one day to install and when using the correct materials, they should last and look good for 7-10 years. Wool is the best option for high traffic steps. Stair runners will not break the bank either. A typical designer inspired runner will cost about $1500.00 turn key!! Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think.

After install of this runner, the house sold!! The owner credits the runner for the sale :)

Simply Beautiful!!

I love this- Can you say creative?

I love for the runner to appear as it is flowing down the stairs

Borders work great on wider steps

Very designer Inspired.

Sisal trimmed in Leather

Sisal look awesome flowing down stairs

Custom Landing

I want this room

I hope this gives you a good idea for what to do with your stairs, and please let me know if you need help because this is one of my favorite things to do in flooring.

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