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Spring Decor Ideas to Feather Your Nest

Spring Decor Ideas

Spring is here and every morning beginning around about 5 AM there is a  cacophony of  love songs coming from  just outside my bedroom window. [YAWN.] It’s not that I don’t appreciate everything that my feathered friends have to sing about but I wish they had a snooze button.  Today we’re sharing our favorite Spring decor ideas to add touches of this “tweet-worthy” season in your  home interior . We’re taking cues from nature and our winged song birds for feathering your nest this Spring.

Spring Decor Ideas Worth Singing About

Spring Decor Ideas

We love this vinyl wall art purchased from Hobby Lobby that pays homage to the birds and indulges a home decorator’s nesting instinct.


Bring elements of nature indoors. These nests are displayed in glass cloches. For those of you who craft they could be made simply by purchasing nests, faux-eggs, deer moss, feathers and silk flowers from your local craft store.


A large nest becomes a centerpiece with an arrangement of Spring tulips and daffodils. If you are using fresh flowers, keep your tulips from drooping by adding a penny to the water.


Spring Decor ideas are not just for indoors. Add a Spring touch to your outdoor urns by adding a grapevine nest and artificial eggs. Don’t be surprised if some feathered friends visit your urns. These nests look very realistic. We once had a bird repeatedly fly into our glass door trying to attack a faux-bird in a nest in a wreath. Sorry bird.


Speaking of eggs, they make a great vase filler. Nestle a small vase inside a large vase to create this stunning floral centerpiece.

spring Decor Ideas
You can also decorate with non-traditional items like watering pots. Here we used a rustic watering can as a vase for daffodils. For a look that lasts all season long, use silk flowers.

Source: google.com via Beautiful on Pinterest


An umbrella becomes a stylish Spring statement when filled with tulips and bird’s nest.


For a touch of whimsy and to bring out your inner child, use bunny sculptures. We love this  bunny topiary from Pottery Barn!

spring Decor ideas
You can also combine many Spring decor ideas with birds nests, eggs, bunnies and a moss covered initial.

We agree with the birds. Spring is here and it has us singing. Stop by our board on Pinterest for more Spring decor Ideas. Follow us on Twitter to see what else we’ve been tweeting.

~Beautiful Home Ideas

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