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Bring Spring Colors Into Your Nashville Home

Such a beautiful time of the year

Don’t you just have a little pep in your step now that it is spring? I have noticed so many more smiles and cheerful faces as we have more sunshine and beautiful colors surrounding us.

It made me think, why are we not using these colors year round in our homes? As I thought about this, I thought of some of the beautiful Nashville homes that I’ve recently visited. The colors were “springy”, with soft greens and blues on the walls and ceilings, tile that mimicked water and lots of natural light.

I am a big believer that if you are happy in your home, you will be happy outside of your home. Look to nature for your inspiration. Make your space a beautiful Spring day and capture the essence being offered. Below are some great tips for bringing what’s outside, inside.

1. Open your windows and let the natural light bathe the inside of your home.

Yeah, I know. This is all any room would need.

2. Use natural materials such as sea-grass or bamboo flooring, mimicking natural elements

Great look to bring the outside in!!

3. Paint your ceiling a soft shade of blue, creating an indoor atmosphere

Bring this inside!!

4. Incorporate shades of green in accessories such as lamps and pillows.

You get the point

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3 thoughts on “Bring Spring Colors Into Your Nashville Home

  1. Jean Shuttleworth

    great idea–my entire house is brown and tan and my kids are always telling me to bring some colors in. What spring colors for accessories go best with brown?

    • Think about it, brown is an earth tone- so all other earth tones will work with it. Try green and blue. Pinks and reds work great with it as well.

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