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Spring Cleaning Tips – Stainless Steel


It’s MARCH and we had a light dusting of snow over the weekend. It was beautiful…but I don’t feel like celebrating another “SNOW” day. I am ready for SPRING!!! I’m ready for sunshine, flowers and growth. Spring is a time of rebirth. It’s also a time for cleaning up and cleaning out. That’s right, I’m talking about SPRING CLEANING. Now I know it’s not officially Spring until March 20 but it will probably take me a whole month to get my house properly cleaned so I’m starting early. This month I’m sharing Spring Cleaning tips and tricks for cleaning your home from floor to ceiling. So, if you don’t use a cleaning service, (or even if you do) read on for a cleaning tip I learned from the folks over at Cenwood Appliances.

Several years ago we remodeled our kitchen which included purchasing new stainless steel appliances. I went with GE profile appliances.  I love their modern look with the clean fronts. Well, at least they were clean for about 2 seconds before my children (both dishwasher height) did a few laps around the house touching ab-so-tiv-ly everything.

Spring-Cleaning-TipsTHIS is what my stainless looks like after my two tornadoes are finished. Not so clean right? Don’t get me wrong, I love the hands that made those prints but there is only SO much hand-print art I can display. Here’s a close up so you can see my little cherubs handiwork.Spring-Cleaning-Tips

I was on a mission to find a cleaning product that would not only clean my stainless appliances but would also keep them clean. I mentioned this to my dishwasher technician and he shared a miracle product for cleaning stainless steel. You’ll never guess what it is. You probably have it in your kitchen. The best product for cleaning your stainless steel is PAM cooking spray!!!!

I must admit, I was skeptical at first. I’d tried several other cleaners with limited success. In the end my desire for clean finger-print-less appliances won out over my doubts. What do you know, it worked!!!  All you need is Pam cooking spray (Regular) and a microfiber cloth. Spray directly onto the surface of your stainless steel. Using the cloth, rub with the grain of the steel until there is no “drag” and buff until it shines. If there is stuck on grease or dirt, repeat the process until it is clean.Spring Cleaning Tips Stainless Steel

I have been using PAM to clean my stainless appliances for years now and they still look like they did when they were first purchased years ago. Genius!!!

Do you have any Spring Cleaning tips you’d like the share with us? Comment and let us know.

~Beautiful Home Ideas

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