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Size Matters When Choosing Custom Area Rugs For Your Home

Size Matters When Choosing Custom Area Rugs For Your Home

Choosing an area rug

Size matters, but bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to choosing custom area rugs for your home. Are you bewildered by all the seemingly contradictory design “rules” for choosing the “right” size area rug for your space? The proper size and shape of area rugs can yield high design dividends for your space.

Here are some tips to make choosing a custom area rug easier:

Choosing an Area Rug

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Living Room Area rugs are often used to define seating areas, however, the number one mistake people make when choosing an area rug for the living room is using a rug that is too small. There are many schools of thought as to whether all furniture should be able to comfortably sit on the rug or at least the front legs of larger pieces should be on the rug. Truly there are no hard and fast “rules” as each space is unique. One thing to consider is what you are framing out. Another is scale. Consider the traffic pattern as you pass through your room. You should be able to walk through either completely on or completely off the rug. Nothing is worse than having one foot on the hardwood and one foot on the rug as you pass through the room.

Choosing an Area Rug

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Dining Room– In a dining room the size of your area rug is paramount. The area rug not only frames out the table but defines the space. While the options are endless when it comes to the taste and style of an area rug, there are some general guidelines you should follow regarding the size of your dining room area rug.

Choosing an Area Rug

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A dining room area rug should be large enough that the chairs are still completely on the rug when pulled away from the table. However, it should not be so large that it gets into the space where a buffet or sideboard sits. A visible border of uncovered hardwood is pleasing to the eye. Here’s a handy formula: measure the width and length of your table and add 24”-36″ to each of the four sides to allow extra room for the chairs. Be sure to include your table leaf in your calculation.

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Bedroom– For a king or queen sized bed, you can use a 6×9 or 8×10 rug beneath the bed. Orient the rug by centering the long side of the rug with the center of the bed, from nightstand to nightstand. Place the top of the rug a few inches in front of the bedside tables, so that it allows the rug to extend at least slightly beyond the foot of the bed. This will allow you to have a soft foot feeling when getting out of bed. No more shock of cold floors against bare feet first thing in the morning!

Choosing an Area rug

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When it comes to choosing an area rug for your home, Textures are the experts! We stay on top of the latest trends and source a nearly limitless variety of both ready made and custom area rugs. We can make a rug out of any carpet, with varied edge styles and binding options. If you can dream it up, we can make it for you!

Blog updated August 2016, originally created by Stephanie in 2013.

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