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Seagrass for flooring, great choice!!

Seagrass for flooring, great choice!!

Many people wonder what Seagrass flooring is. Seagrass is a natural plant that grows in many coastal regions around the world. Seagrass beds are highly diverse and productive ecosystems, and can harbor hundreds of associated species from all phyla, for example juvenile and adult fish and many kinds of algeas and single cell organisms.

Beautiful in the Sea!! Bring nature into your home!!

Few species were originally considered to feed directly on seagrass leaves (partly because of their low nutritional content), but scientific reviews and improved working methods have shown that seagrass herbivory is a highly important link in the food chain, with hundreds of species feeding on seagrasses worldwide, including crabs, turtles and manatees.

Great looking

Typically, Seagrass used in flooring is from Southeast Asia. After drying, seagrass can be woven into beautiful rugs and other floor covering. Also, seagrass absorbs colors very poorly so it can be resistant to staining. That said, I know first hand that it is not “bullet-proof”.

Comes in great patterns

Traditional and more durable than Sisal

This is the natural color of the rug, a slight green tint

Seagrass is light green and brown in color and has a wicker type feel. It is not the most comfortable floor covering, but for areas where shoes are worn it is great. Neutrality is a great to describe the look. Over time the material will become more brown and mellow.

Great places for Seagrass would be in an office, under a table, living room and kitchen. It can be installed wall to wall for a great alternative to carpet or hardwood flooring. Rugs can be made to any size and be bound in different colors. You can have a border as wide as 5 inches and in a variety of fabrics, from Chenille to canvas.

My bedroom at my vacation home, not really :)

Cool entry, a real pro has to do the install though, not Hack and his pal Slash.

Caring for seagrass is easy. Just vacuum regularly or sweep with a stiff broom, If a stain happens scrub the material with a stiff brush and a bit of water. This may not remove the spot, but will help. Spills, which are still moist, are the easiest to remove. Remove the spills promptly by scrapping up solids and blotting liquids. Follow by dabbing with a damp cloth of water (add white vinegar to the cloth to cut grease). Dry with a cloth or hair blow dryer.

One thought on “Seagrass for flooring, great choice!!

  1. We have a seagrass rug in our lake home in front of the fire place. It is a beautiful edition. Our cat liked to claw on it so we got a mini seagrass rug with catnip in it. Problem solved.

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