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Pet Friendly Flooring for Man’s Best Friend

Pet Friendly Flooring for Man’s Best Friend

Pet friendly Flooring

 Aww…., go ahead, you know you want too. Just take a moment and bask in the cuteness of the furry friends in the image above. They say admitting it is the first step so here goes. I’m coming clean. I have a major case of……puppy fever! DH [Darling Hubby] does not share my desire. His main objection to “pet ownership” is due to fear of pet related property damage. Picture shredded carpets, sofa cushions destroyed, half eaten sheet rock a la “Marley & Me”.  What are the options in pet friendly flooring? Can man and man’s best friend co-exist without sacrificing style?  

Pet’s enjoy the softness of carpets as much as their two legged masters.  The biggest criteria in carpets for pet owners are stain resistance and durability.  Look no further. Let your carpet quest end here. Mohawk’s SmartStrand technology carpet is the perfect marriage of built in soil and stain resistance coupled with durability and softness. “Tough enough for kids, pets, rhino’s and elephants.” After passing all kinds foot-traffic and durability tests with flying colors, Mohawk put SmartStrand through the ultimate challenge. They installed it in a rhino enclosure at the Birmingham Zoo for two weeks. Not even the daily mud baths and wear and tear from a 2800 lb Rhino named Ricko were a match for this carpet. After cleaning it looked good as new. And if the ultimate challenge hasn’t convinced you, Mohawk offers additional peace of mind for pet owners. Every new SmartStrand carpet comes with a lifetime pet urine warranty as well as lifetime stain and soil warranties.

pet friendly flooring

Pet friendly flooring options must be durable and stain resistant but what about style and comfort? Consumers don’t just love SmartStrand carpets for their stain resistance and durability, they also love the way they feel. The “toe-wiggling” softness just begs for bare feet and makes the perfect pet friendly flooring surface for you to roll around and play with your furry friend. Available in many patterns and color options, there is something to suit every style and taste.

As you can see, man’s best friend is no longer limited to the great outdoors. Pet friendly flooring and carpets have come a long way. Whether you have a pet or just a case of puppy fever we have something for your home that you will love. Stop by our showroom and see for yourself.

What other pet friendly flooring questions do you have? 

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