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Part 3 – Easy…inexpensive…decoration tips anyone can do!

Part 3 – Easy…inexpensive…decoration tips anyone can do!

 Living room

Serenity with a soft, soothing palette


Three clocks hanging above a sofa

  Dream of cities you’d like to visit (or loved ones who live there) by hanging clocks dedicated to their time zones.


Living room with white sofa

 Bring out the richness of a hardwood floor with earthy tones―blues, greens, browns.

 Sofa with a booklamp

Larger throw pillows on your couch gives a cleaner design.


Reading lamp next to sofa

 Transform a corner of the couch into a reading nook with proper lighting.


Sofa with frames on the wall

 Pair busy accessories with a simple sofa.


 Floral patterns in a living room

  Tie together dissimilar patterns with a like element, such as color.





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