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Part 2 – Easy…inexpensive…decoration tips anyone can do!

Part 2 – Easy…inexpensive…decoration tips anyone can do!

Color on Walls

Introduce color on the walls to make a room warm and lively.

Seating around a fireplace

Select Furniture that Completes your Look

Streamline the look of a room.

Bench-styled sofa

Pops of Color

Add pop to a neutral room by adding a few smart hits of color.

Paint makeover living room

Select a Mirror that Works with the Room

Make a room appear brighter and larger by positioning a mirror to reflect light and a view.

Decorated living room

Throw Pillows

Invest a couch with a modern, informal sensibility by tossing on odd number of throw pillows. For something more traditional, do an even number.

White couch in the living room

Colorful living room

Embrace robust colors.

 (Green has actually been shown to create a sense of calm and comfort.)

 Living room decorated with green furniture

Create a modern décor

Use bright colors and fuss-free pieces.

Blue living room with a blue sofa

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