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Home Organization Challenges: Do's and Don'ts

Home Organization Challenges

Emotional hoarding is the mother of all clutter chaos.

Home Organization Challenges have you locked into a cycle of procrastination and guilt? Do you find your blood-pressure rising as you wade through piles of laundry, bills and the kids toys? I can relate. Earlier this month I discussed my New Year’s Resolution to banish the clutter and tackle our home organization challenges. It has been ongoing and we are still de-cluttering. Here some valuable tips that I have learned in the process.

Don’t be a hoarder? Are you a slave to your “stuff”? Say goodbye to guilt and embrace the new found freedom and S P A C E that comes from purging the items that you no longer use.

Do think about your relationship to your “stuff”. When you clear out the things that aren’t important you’ll create room for the things that ARE. Determine where your home organization challenges are so that you find solutions.

Don’t try to tackle the whole house at one time. Home organization can be overwhelming and if you rush it, you will only add to the chaos and clutter. Instead, set small, achievable goals and then go about achieving them. You will get organized and because you did so gradually, you have a better chance of maintaining the changes. For example: start with the medicine cabinet, organize that and then move on to your makeup drawer, then the linen closet and so on.   Ask yourself, what organizational problem can I solve today? Whole house organization is a process and takes time. After all it took you years to accumulate all this stuff and Rome was not built in a day.

Do start by remove everything from the space that you are organizing so that you have a “clean slate”. Then sort into categories of “Keep”, “Move”, “Donate” and “Trash”. Invariably you will find items that do not belong in the room that you are organizing. Put those in the “Move” pile. Do you have useful items that you don’t use? Those belong in the “donate” pile. Keep only those things that you need. Once you have everything sorted then assess what organization method or solution works best.

Don’t rush out and buy a whole bunch of storage bins and organization aids until you have assessed your needs. The Container Store will still be there when you need them however you may find that you already have what you need to organize your home once you have cleared the clutter.

Do use labels and tags. In order for your newly created organizational system to work, you have to have a clear designation “what” goes in “which” container and “where” it lives, etc. If you have small children who cannot read, a label with a picture is perfect. Even toddlers can understand that the trains go in the “train” bin. Check out our Pinterest page on home organization for free printable labels. 

Do remain consistent. If you don’t put things away in their designated home, you’ll only wind up where you started. New behaviors take approximately two weeks to become habits so stick with it. Remember, in order to bring something NEW in, something OLD needs to go. This philosophy has served me well in the closet. Not only has it helped me to carefully curate my wardrobe, it has also curbed a nasty shopping habit. (Ladies, I know you can identify. What girl doesn’t love a new outfit?)

Now that I have shared what I have learned in the past few weeks of tackling my home’s organizational challenges I hope you will have the courage to tackle your own and tame the clutter. Please comment and share any home organization challenges you’ve conquered.

~Beautiful Home Ideas




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