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Natural Stone and Granite Maintenance Guide

granite maintenance

In my opinion there are few man-made counter-top materials that rival the beauty of natural stone. Slate, limestone, granite and marble are beautiful choices for your counter-tops. Their beauty is matched by their durability and low maintenance. The best way to protect your natural stone is through proper care and maintenance. Here are some easy steps for granite maintenance and natural stone care  that it will keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

 Granite Maintenance

Granite and other natural stones are porous and need to be sealed periodically in order to prevent staining and keep the finish clean and shiny. I seal my granite every 6-12 months using a product manufactured by SCI. The counter-top care kit is available at most home improvement stores and conveniently contains everything you need for granite maintenance. It is good for other natural stone and solid surface counter-tops as well. It took me about an hour to clean, seal and polish my granite counter-tops. Here’s how I did it.

granite maintenance

1. Remove everything from the counter-tops. Spray the cleaner/degreaser onto the surface of the granite and wipe down with a dry paper towel or microfiber cloth until clean and free from dirt and grease. Allow surface to dry for at least 30 minutes. Here are my granite tops BEFORE sealing and polishing. They have a little bit of a “cloudy” look to the finish and are not very shiny.

Granite Maintenance

2. Spray the sealant liberally over the entire surface of your natural stone. Allow to rest for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, respray to allow the sealant to properly penetrate the granite and cure. Set a timer for 30 minutes and wait. Here you see my counters after the sealant was applied. I was amazed how quickly the stone absorbed the sealant. NOTE: For very porous stones you may need to repeat step 2 one hour after first application.

granite maintenance

3. After 30 minutes, wipe excess sealer off of the counter-tops with a clean dry microfiber cloth. If sealant has dried in any areas, re-wet with sealant and wipe away immediately.

4. Once tops are sealed and dry, apply the stone polish. Be sure to shake it. Pour a small amount onto a cloth and apply a thin layer in circular motions a la Karate Kid, “Wax on. Wax off”.

5. When the polish has dried to a haze, buff off with a dry cloth until clean and shiny. Voila! Here are my clean, sealed and polished granite counter-tops after using the granite maintenance kit from SCI. The finish is as smooth as silk. The color is enhanced and look at that shine.

Maintaining your natural stone counter-tops is inexpensive, easy and doesn’t take alot of time. Protect your investment and prolong the life of your granite counter-tops by following the 5 easy steps.

Comment and share your questions about natural stone counter-tops maintenance and care.

~Beautiful Home Ideas

granite maintenance



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