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Nashville Flooring Design Trends

Nashville Flooring Design Trends

Textures CarpetToday’s Nashville homeowners are more stylish than ever. With hit TV shows providing inspiration and ideas, consumers are looking for not only functionality but style too. Flooring, the foundation of a space’s design theme, has never had a more critical role. Fashionable options include carpet, hardwood and stone.

In Nashville carpet is still the most popular floor covering sold. Not only does it provide warmth, softness and durability, carpet provides options. Today’s styles are fantastic, combining elements of natural earthy looks with designer lines and striations. Carpet mimicking sisals or sea grass offers a low profile look that can either be the highlight of a room or a subtle backdrop.

Textures HardwoodHardwood flooring is an elegant and time-tested floor covering that is always popular. Wider planks and exotic wood species are today’s calling cards. Brown tones are also very popular; think walnut or saddle colors. Distressed floors mimic a classic-aged look providing a unique ambiance and additional warmth to any room.

Textures Tile ShowersStone and tile are durable and timeless. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful floor than natural stone. People love the feeling of bringing nature into their homes and a stone floor accomplishes that. Earth tones are the obvious colors for this material, and size does matter. Stone is available in all sizes from a mosaic to large slabs. The space should dictate the size and pattern.

One thought on “Nashville Flooring Design Trends

  1. I love your site and all the pictures. As for my preference I agree carpet is still the economic way to go but in the long run hardwood and tile will give you a better investment. Unless you have a media room which your company did, I would then opt for the carpet but overall I think the trend is moving away from carpets and going to more of a hard surface.

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