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Kitchens: Renovating on a budget

Kitchens: Renovating on a budget

Kitchen in the house by Norfolk Homes at the King’s Chapel Parade of Homes in Arrington, TN

Recently I polled our Facebook fans with the question, “If you could renovate/redecorate any room in your home which would it be and why?” The overwhelming response  in answer to this question was the kitchen. It is the heart of the home; the hub where family and friends gather to eat, drink and share. It is the room where we live. A great kitchen is one that meets your needs whether you are an experienced chef or a person who burns water. Factors like how often you cook, the size of your family, your budget and taste should all be considered when renovating your kitchen.

Our storage starved kitchen before the remodel with wasted space above the cabinets and dated finishes.

Prior to our kitchen renovation we had a space that did not meet the needs of our growing family. There was not enough storage. The prep areas were non-existent. The finishes were dated. I could go on and on.  I am a foodie at heart and love to cook, so spending time in my small, cramped kitchen was not happy time. After about two years of saving up and dreaming we decided to renovate our small kitchen on a budget and make the most of the heart of our home. Here’s what we did.

We did not have the funds to gut the kitchen and start from scratch, so we opted to stick with the layout and focus on finishes and storage solutions. By knocking out the wall to the existing pantry closet we were able to shift the refrigerator down, which gained us over a foot of counter space on either side of the stove and additional storage in the cabinetry above and below. We decided to take the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling for a cleaner (and dust-free) look. Holiday dishes and lesser used items are stored in the upper cabinets. We were able to cut our cost dramatically by refacing our existing base and upper cabinets. With a coat of Queen Anne’s Lace by Porter Paints and a new door and drawer front, you’d never know we didn’t get all new cabinetry. The new cabinetry was built on site in my garage.

After remodeling there is usable counterspace on either side of the stove and an attractive tile focal point in the slate and marble back splash.

The finishes we selected are on trend and more in keeping with our style. The rich Bordeaux granite pairs well with the slate back splash. I particularly love the tumbled marble pen rail and frame over the stove.  We elected not to use any decorative pendants or chandelier in the kitchen as this would have taken up space and would have blocked the view into the living room. The recessed and under cabinet lighting provide both ambient  and task oriented light. Stainless steel clean front appliances fit flush with the counter tops and finish off the custom look of the room.

Painted kitchen cabinets after


We love our kitchen now and spend several hours a day in it. It is truly the heart of our home.


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