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How to make Fall hurricane candle vases

We’ve “Fall-en” for the season. The leaves have turned and are providing a brilliant display of colors. The landscape is dotted with bright crimson, golden yellows, rich purple and brown. With such beauty outside we have been thinking about ways to bring the spirit of Autumn inside our homes.

There is nothing that says “Fall” more than leafy garland, Indian corn, and pumpkins.  It took us less than half an hour to make this pair of hurricane vases which we used to create this stunning display.



Here’s how we did it.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. With the exception of the ceramic pumpkin and the vase filler, all supplies were purchased at JoAnn’s fabrics however most local craft supply store will have these items.

You will need a hurricane vase, a candle that is the correct height and diameter to sit inside the vase, jute for the bow, and vase filler. In this case we used dried beans, split peas and popcorn kernels however you can use whatever color beans that would match your décor and you could substitute a different color candle if you prefer. The amount of vase filler depends on the size of your hurricane. If you are using a larger diameter candle you will need less vase filler.

Step 2: Clean your vases to make sure it is smudge free. Place your candle inside the vase.


Step 3: Pour in your first layer of vase filler. If you are doing more than one, use a cup to measure your filler to make sure you have the same amount in each vase. We just eye-balled it. That’s just how we roll 🙂

 Step 4: Repeat step 3 but use the small red beans this time.

Step 5: Repeat step 3 again but this time use the popcorn kernels.


 Step 6: Tie jute ribbon around the hurricane vase in a bow. This doesn’t have to be perfect. We used a double layer of jute for more impact. The placement of the ribbon will vary depending on the shape or your hurricane.

Step 7: Place your now completed Fall hurricane candle vases in your home. We used them in this display in the panty however they would look equally stunning on your fall table or in the kitchen.

Easy-peasy, right? Pardon the pun, we couldn’t resist. Happy DIY-ing!


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