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How to Remove Carpet Stains

how to get out carpet stainsNothing is worse than deciding on a home repair or chore that requires a lot of money to fix, but is not in the budget. I know for a lot of people stained carpet is a source of embarrassment when entertaining, and right now it is not possible to replace it or even spend the few hundred dollars for cleaning. I have listed below a great spot cleaning method for synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, etc.). All you need now is some elbow grease.

How to fix carpet stains:

Step 1: Fill half a cup with really warm water.
Step 2: Add a dime-sized amount of dish soap.
Step 3: Add a splash of white vinegar (distilled works best but others work too).
Step 4: Add half a teaspoon of baking soda.
Step 5: Mix together and scrub the mix into the carpet using a rag or scrub brush.
Step 6: Let it sit for five minutes.
Step 7: Use a dry rag to dab out the mixture.

Try to always use a white cotton towel when cleaning carpet and also remember to test this solution in an out of the way place before the middle of the room. If you have wool carpet, check out the Wools of New Zealand , as its website has listed a way to clean everything. Remember, most Persian and oriental rugs are wool, so these instructions will work for those too. Also, the stain is usually in the carpet cushion or pad. This is why stains that appear clean often comeback.

Happy cleaning!!

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