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How much does new Carpet cost?

How much does new Carpet cost?

New carpet for your home can vary in cost. There are many factors to consider, but I am going to try and give you a quick overview in potential costs for good quality carpet and installation. Of course there are many variables, so don’t hold me or your project manager to this exactly.

Ok, the first consideration is the carpet, and carpet will be the most expensive component with this purchase. Let’s assume that you are a typical family looking to upgrade your carpet from a “builder beige” plush style carpet to something with more style, better performance and a good warranty. Maybe a nice cut and loop pattern with a geometric design? It will look great!!

Mirage- and exclusive Textures carpet-- Looks AWESOME down!!

 So a material like this will run you about $17.00 per square yard (divide by 9 for square foot price)

Next, you will need new carpet cushion. Cushion is critical to the way your carpet will wear and perform. The cushion I will recommend for this install is an 8lb 7/16″ rebond. this is a very nice cushion, but not the best. It will more than do its job though.

The foundation for your new carpet
This cushion will cost about $2.75 per square yard.
Now we have installation. Doing this right is so important because if done wrong, you will have carpet with a voided warranty and it will look bad. Make sure the install team is well trained and always uses a power stretcher (a tool) for installation. You should not see your installer using a knee kicker around the perimeter of the room. Keep in mind that your existing carpet and cushion needs to be removed and disposed of and that will cost about $2.50 per square yard. Furniture will also need to be moved and that costs $2.50 per square yard as well. Installation costs will vary and carpet with a pattern will be more expensive to install. Expect to pay $7.00 per square yard for the install of this carpet.
This fella IS using a pwer stretcher. Make sure you see one of these in your home


So to recap, you have several components and costs associated with buying new carpet.

  • Carpet $17.00
  • Cushion $2.75
  • Install $7.00
  • Furniture $2.50
  • Pull up/disposal $2.50

Total- $31.75 per square yard– Not a bad price, but what does this mean for you? If you have a typical home with lets say 3 bedrooms and a family room that you want to carpet, you probably have around 100 yards (900 square feet). If that is the case then you can expect to pay about $3200.00 for a complete new look and style.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them or help you find the perfect carpet for your home.


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