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How much does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

How much does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

If you are considering remodeling your home and adding hardwood flooring, you may be wondering how much money you are going to have to spend? First off, you need to answer some simple questions.

  • Will you be installing raw lumber and finishing on site?

Sand and Finish on site

  •        Or will you be installing prefinished hardwood flooring?

All you have to do is install


This article will focus on the site finished wood, or sand and finish wood installation. That said, I will give you a breakdown for pre-finished flooring as well.

Sand on site hardwood flooring has several components that should be considered and thought about when you are considering expense involved with this project. Lets walk thru the different elements and costs.

  • What is your current flooring? Who is going to remove it? If the installer will be removing it figure $.30 per square foot.

Out with the old!!

  • Is your subfloor in good shape, or does it need some repair? If it needs repair you are looking at isolated charges that will be about $60.00 per 4×8 plywood section. This is something that will probably not come up, but is relatively common.


  • OK, so you have decided you want a beautiful new Oak floor. How much is this? Lets assume that you are going to install a 3" Wide plank and that you will need about 600 sqft for the project. You also want some character, so a #1 grade of lumber is what you select. Expect to pay about $2.40 per square foot plus tax. This price fluctuates but that is an average for 5/2011.

Very Pretty

  • How is this 600 feet of wood getting to your home? Well, you can always pick it up, or the installer should deliver it for about $.10 per square foot.

Need a big truck, and lots of muscle-- hard hard work!!

  • OK, ready for install– this is where the rubber meets the road. A quality installer should charge you between $1.75 and $2.50 per square foot for the installation. If someone is out of this range I would question it, because to cheap usually means poor quality and to expensive, well you know what that means– you are getting taken advantage of.

You want a pro that knows what they are doing.

  • Next is the finishing, this involves sanding the floor and applying stain, then finish. It also includes puttying and making sure the installs imperfections are resolved. This is truly where a professional can shine– this is the bread and butter of the job. The range you should expect to pay is $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. Depending on how many coats of finish and what materials are being used this is a fair estimate. 2 coats is standard.

This is such a critical step

  • How about the trim? After hardwood flooring is installed it will need to be trimmed out at the base boards using Quarter round. Expect to pay$1.50 per linear foot for this including material. The installer will not paint the trim, but will stain it to match the floor if you like that.

This is a must

Of course additional costs may be necessary, but essentially that should cover it. You will end up with your beautiful new hardwood floor!!

I know, its Walnut-- very pretty

Site finished Oak hardwood flooring should cost somewhere in the range of $6.75-$8.50 per square foot. Of course be weary of companies that are very inexpensive. I could share some real life nightmare stories that ended up costing customers double because the floor had to be replaced.

Prefinished flooring varies in price, that said it is an easier installation process and provides a beautiful look. Expect to pay $5.25-$10.00 per square foot.

2 thoughts on “How much does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

  1. Tod Shuttleworth

    This is so helpful. It’s a whole lot of work to put down a quality hardwood floor. I’m sticking with the pros!

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