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Homerwood Hardwood Flooring- Timeless Appeal- Unmatched Quality

hardwood flooring

Homerwood Hickory Hardwood Flooring in Graphite.

What’s new underfoot, Nashville? We’re very excited about our newest line of hardwood flooring by Homerwood. What’s so special about Homerwood, you ask? Homerwood hardwood flooring is known for it’s distinctive character, natural qualities, premium craftsmanship, and one of a kind beauty. Like a true piece of art, every hand-scraped plank bears the style signature of the individual who created it. Homerwood is timeless and authentic.

hardwood flooring

Carbonera, Hickory, Smoked Red Saddle

  • Enduring commitment to quality. Homerwood consistently delivers superior quality hardwood flooring products. Through an extraordinary work ethic and attention to detail they remove any defects that would damage the integrity and strength of the floor.
  • Sustainable Harvesting. Homerwood is a member of Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturer’s Inc. and are proud to contribute to the growth and sustainability of our forests. In addition to stewardship of the forests where the raw materials are harvested, Homerwood is a zero % waste company. From the scrap wood down to the sawdust, all wood bi-products are used. 
hardwood flooring

Local Amish artisans deliver distinctive hand – scraped craftsmanship.

  • Made in the USA. Homerwood hardwood flooring products are manufactured right here in the USA in the heart of Appalachia in Titusville, Pennsylvania. They employ local Dutch Amish craftsmen to hand-scrape each individual plank in the hand-scraped collection.
Hardwood Flooring

Hand-Scraped Hickory Hardwood Flooring finished in Saddle

  • Natural Characteristics and timeless appeal. Homerwood beautifully preserves and reveals the trees’ natural characteristics. Hand-crafted using the entire tree, natural characteristics may include open and filled knots, original markings,  distinctive graining, splits and checks, pith and sap, mineral streaks, color variations and embodied cracks.
Hardwood Flooring

Hard Maple Sugar

  • Diverse species, finishes and unmatched style. “The unique one of a kind style is unmatched. The variety and quality of the finishes are so diverse that it would be impossible to recreate in a site finished hardwood floor. Their smoked and whitewashed finishes are superior to any I’ve seen.” – Andrew Denny- Textures Flooring.  Premium flooring styles are offered in both 3/4″ solid and 5/8″ sawn face engineered and available in Aluminum Oxide and Oil finishes.
Hardwood Flooring

Herringbone Custom Flooring Black Walnut

As you can see, Homerwood is something special. If you’ve been searching for a premium quality hardwood flooring product that will stand the test of time, look no further. Stop by our showroom and see the samples in person. We think you’ll get excited too.  Andrew and Paul will be happy to put something new underfoot at your home.