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Patterns Are For Hardwoods Too

Patterns Are For Hardwoods Too

Hardwood looks great, right? You have it, your neighbor has it, so is it that unique? Why not do something a little different and really make a statement? I love hardwood flooring that is installed in pattern. It  makes a good look, a great look.

I love this look—would this not be awesome in a living room or study?

Sometimes mixing in plank widths gives a warm feeling that duplicates and old southern mill. This is a great look throughout the whole home, and will never be considered a fad. Also, it will cost marginally more than doing just one width.

This is 2", 3" and 4" hardwood racked out in sequence. This is so much better than normal.

This is the same concept, however using a reclaimed hardwood. I love this so much. I can imagine this installed in my house with a fire going…

Beautiful and "green"-- reclaimed hardwood looks so wonderful down. Think of the history on your floor.

I know we all love hardwood flooring. It’s tried and true and it makes our homes beautiful. Let me know what you think about your hardwoods. Would you keep yours the same or would you do something different?

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3 thoughts on “Patterns Are For Hardwoods Too

    • Jean Shuttleworth

      another great thing about our new Heart Pine floors is that they are easy to clean and allergen–free!

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