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Hardwood Flooring


You want the right look for your home, and beautiful hardwood floors that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Natural hardwood flooring is not only beautiful and easy to care for, but it can also add value to your home, while adding character and depth that many other types of floors just can’t duplicate. Our Tennessee hardwood selections will both inspire you and compliment the ambiance of your home.

And to ensure that there’s no mess or unnecessary downtime, at Textures, we offer Pre-finished and Dustless Sand and Finish on-site services. Let Textures Flooring of Nashville and Middle Tennessee provide you and your family with our exclusive Tennessee hardwood flooring options.

There are many benefits of choosing hardwood flooring!

  • Timeless beauty and style
  • Durability
  • Return on investment
  • Ease of matching any décor
  • Value
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • No fuss installation

Exclusive Tennessee Hardwood Styles

Are you a fan of buying local? We use hardwoods grown right here in Tennessee because they are some of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world! Our Tennessee heritage is special to us, that’s why at Textures we are proud to also offer an exclusive line of Tennessee hardwood floors that will add a timeless look and feel to your home at very reasonable prices. Custom finished on site with dustless sanding, these hardwood floors are often available in wide planks for a rich, unique look that will compliment any decor.

The Tennessee Textures hardwood line offers the following benefits:

  • Local Hardwoods: Some of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world come from Tennessee! Each of our exclusive finishes has been inspired by Tennessee’s unique history.
  • Easy Selection: We offer beautiful hardwood floors in ten exclusive finishes made from four local hardwood species.
  • Custom Floors: Each floor is finished in your home so no two floors are alike.
  • Expertise: When you do business with Textures, you get a fantastic product! We are experts in our industry and you’ll see professionalism and courtesy exhibited from our first meeting until your hardwood floors are finished.
  • Lower Cost: We’ve eliminated the middleman! We work directly with local mills and loggers to bring you the best prices, even on exclusively designed hardwood floors.

Our Tennessee Textures hardwood line includes

Quality walnut flooring is exclusive and rich, and is desired for its deep-brown color. The elusive, slow-growing walnut tree thrives in shaded stands of oaks but its location on steep, north-facing Tennessee slopes makes it a challenge to harvest. Once logged, the wood is carefully steamed to give it a uniform color. This is just one reason why dusky walnut is so highly prized.

Walnut flooring exclusive finishes include:
Hillside Select Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Hillside Select

Grown in the hills of Tennessee, this beautiful local walnut is the finest finish offered. Prized for its rich, dark tones, Hillside Select walnut is an excellent choice for a truly distinctive hardwood floor. Whether you want a formal look or the rustic charm of a farmhouse, the random plank lengths and elegant graining will complete the look you’re after.

Northface Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN


Beginning as an almost purple color, Tennessee walnut is the only local wood that starts off dark but then quickly turns a beautiful nut brown with the sapwood (the outer rings of the tree) remaining a slightly lighter color for contrast. We carefully choose the planks with the most heartwood showing (the center of the trunk, usually a darker color). This allows the natural characteristics of this wood to be displayed and enjoyed.

The seventh President of the United States, Tennessee’s own Andrew Jackson, earned the nickname Old Hickory because of his toughness. And early settlers to the same Tennessee region where the wood is harvested, prized hickory because of its strength. Hickory’s large, open knots and range in color make it remarkable as well as practical for your home. Hickory flooring exclusive finishes include:

Old Hickory Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Old Hickory

Tennessee hickory flooring ranges from a light cream to a warm, medium brown with occasional deeper streaks of color. With an oil-rubbed finish and on-site distressing, this beautiful flooring will take you back to a different time. Random lengths and charming character will turn any space in your home into a treasured sanctuary.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.

Hermitage Plantation Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Hermitage Plantation

This finish in our Tennessee hickory flooring is a mix of a light reddish hue and a light buttery cream. Planks in random lengths receive a hand applied oil-rubbed finish to bring out the wood’s natural character. Also known for its strength and beauty, this flooring choice will be the centerpiece of your home.

White oak is one of the most popular Tennessee hardwood species. The variety of color and tight knots give it great character and appeal. It is harvested from the Highland Rim Region of Tennessee, which produces trees with compact growth rings—perfect for Jack Daniel’s whisky aging barrels and wine kegs. This durable wood will make a lovely and long-lasting addition to your home. White Oak flooring exclusive finishes include:

Whiskey Barrel Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Whiskey Barrel

Is there anything more striking than a grand ole Tennessee white oak with outstretched limbs? Prized for its strong lumber, one of the most popular products made from Tennessee white oak is whisky barrels. With the Whiskey Barrel finish, your new white oak flooring will have a warm rustic appeal with subtle worm holes, dark mineral streaks, and random plank lengths.

Tennessee Waltz Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Tennessee Waltz

The official song of Tennessee, the “Waltz” was written in 1947, during a time when life was a bit slower paced. This Tennessee white oak flooring will be the focal point of your home, with multiple plank widths (3”, 4”, and 5”), random lengths, and lots of character. This flooring choice will add an architectural element that you will be proud to showcase!

Highland Rim Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Highland Rim

Think of the softly worn appeal of a fine old Cape Cod floor from colonial New England. Or maybe the rough-sawn flooring surface found in an antebellum cotton warehouse. This is what you can expect from a Tennessee white oak floor, known and used all over the country for generations. We’ve fallen in love with it and you will too.

Walking Horse Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Walking Horse

For generations, the unmistakable look of white oak has been the standard for flooring. The face of the wood is very consistent and often appears nearly seamless. Each plank of Tennessee oak is inspected and graded for consistency. With narrow board widths and long random lengths, this floor will be gorgeous for years to come in your home.

Twenty different kinds of oak trees grow in Tennessee, but the red oak is the most bountiful. Its dark bark—in warm earthy tones of brown, gray, and black—appeals to the senses, as does the ridged texture of the finished planks. Our red oak flooring is harvested locally from small stands within a sixty-mile radius of Nashville so you can be proud of your beautiful floor and support local businesses at the same time.

Red Oak flooring exclusive finish includes:
Davy Crockett Hardwood Flooring made by Textures Flooring in Nashville, TN

Davy Crockett

Celebrated as Tennessee’s best-known hunter and frontiersmen, Davy Crockett is a nineteenth-century hero and quite a memorable character. Our Davy Crockett finish has just as much character! With warm hues, random plank lengths, and natural beauty, this sturdy Tennessee red oak wood flooring is the same used in Tennessee homes for generations. It might just spark a little nostalgia in yours too!