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Flooring on Ceiling- Hardwood Upside Down

How much time do you spend looking up? I can tell you I’d have a lot less cobwebs and dust bunnies if I spent more time looking at my ceilings 😉 Today I’m talking about a growing trend of using flooring on ceiling and walls.  Hardwood is always a great option – and it is no longer limited to what’s underfoot. We are seeing hardwoods installed as headboards for the bed, as feature walls and on ceilings in many homes in Nashville.

Flooring on Ceiling- Hardwoods are not just for floors.

Tongue and groove ceilings used to be more commonly found on porches. While still widely used for porches and in outdoor rooms, home-owners are adding architectural interest by installing tongue and groove flooring on the ceiling. Using hardwoods in  unexpected ways is a fresh and modern approach to design. This trend is for all tastes with everything from straight edge glossy finishes on the wall to a more rustic look with hand-scraped beveled hardwoods to Eco-conscious choices using reclaimed hardwoods. Flooring on ceiling is a trend that will be with us for quite a while. We love what we’ve been seeing.

Here’s a more traditional application of flooring on ceiling of this sprawling front porch. I can envision many relaxing hours spent here sipping some lemonade with a good book, can’t you?
This glossy walnut flooring on ceiling of this modern family room is an eye-catching look. Using the same tones in the flooring gives new meaning to the term “floor to ceiling”. Indeed designers are breaking all the rules and creating dramatic interest by installing flooring on ceilings for living spaces. This is a look that will withstand years to come both in style and durability.
This traditional bedroom gets a painted flooring on ceiling treatment complete with an exposed beam stained a warm hickory to tie in the floors below. The white paint keeps the feel of the room light and airy while still cozy.



This reclaimed hardwood feature wall in this bedroom warms up the space. The contrast between the warm hardwoods and the creamy bedding with the white carpets is tranquil and soothing.

Source: ruemag.com via Beautiful on Pinterest



This dramatic hardwood ceiling even integrates the recessed lighting and overhead vents for a look that is both contemporary and modern.

As you can see, there are so many finishes and options for flooring on ceiling and walls to create a variety of looks. Here at Textures Flooring we are experts at all things underfoot AND overhead. If you are interested in hardwoods for your wall or ceiling project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation and bring samples to your home. Be sure to check out our exclusive line of hardwoods .

~Beautiful Home Ideas

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