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Flooring Forecasts for 2012


Colors are very much in demand with decorators this year. Shaw Carpets has reworked their carpet line with bright bold colors suitable for any room. In addition to color, look for texture – sculpted carpets in contemporary patterns and shaggy shags with multi color threads. WOW!

Retro colors are making a big come back for those of you who prefer dark warm floors. Look for carpets in delicious colors like chocolate and kiwi.

Look for low profile flat weaves or cable knits that give light airy feeling to any room. The colors home decorators prefer tend to be off-white, wheat, ecru, dusty grays and pastels.

Cork Flooring

Cork floors are taking the flooring market by storm. Discover why Europeans have been using cork as a floor covering for years and why North Americans are falling in love with this environmentally friendly flooring alternative. Anti-microbial and soft, cork is an ideal choice for homeowners who want to keep their homes free of allergens and also enjoy a tranquil existence by diminishing noise. Cork floors are made from the harvested bark of the cork oak tree which is grown in the forests of the Mediterranean. Because the tree is not cut down to make the flooring, and the bark is a renewable resource, it is desirable flooring for environmentally aware consumers.

Hardwood flooring has been around for centuries and yet, it never goes out of style.

Now, more than ever, homeowners are returning to the timeless beauty of real hardwood floors.

For 2012 hardwood flooring trends include wider planks with deeper richer colors. Hardwood floors have a comforting, solid sound that most laminates can’t equal, and they can be refinished over and over again, creating a floor that can last for decades. Hardwood floors add elegance and beauty to any decorating style and the latest trend in wood floors is hand-scraped hardwood flooring. This old world appearance is in demand with homeowners looking for a rustic finish. The timeless classics include – Oak, Cherry, Pine, Maple Hickory, Pecan, Beech, Birch, and Walnut.

No matter which floor covering you choose, it should be serviceable for your lifestyle, and if you are building a new house or renovating an older one, your choices in floorings are endless.

Flooring sets the tone of the room – the look and feel of a room – but beyond appearance, the ultimate decision on which flooring material will be installed should be based on how a room is used.

For example, a room where there is heavy foot traffic requires a hard wearing floor whereas a bedroom floor needs to be soft and cozy on the feet.

Ethical Floor Coverings – Now more than ever, it’s easy for the average homeowner to make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to home flooring products.

Laminate Flooring – Originally from Europe, laminate floors have taken over the floor covering market with the practical benefits of being durable, hard wearing, and beautiful. Laminates are replicating stone, and granite for endless decorating possibilities.

Hardwood Floors – Today’s hardwood floors are adding old world elegance with a new twist, moving more toward distressed planks, wider widths, and the introduction of exotic woods.

Linoleum – The original environmentally friendly floor covering, linoleum is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns, suitable for any decorating solution.

Carpet – The most practical home flooring, carpet brings color and warmth into every room. Endless patterns, colors and textures still make carpet the number one selling floor covering today.

Cork Flooring – Comfortable to walk on, incredibly warm underfoot, and discover the beauty of cork flooring and what it can do for your home.

Bamboo Floors – An environmentally friendly hardwood, bamboo is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring trends.

Floor Tile – A decorators dream come true, ceramic floor tiles offer timeless beauty and durability. Travertine tile is also another flooring option becoming more and more popular this year.

Area Rugs – These versatile splashes of color ground a room, giving it personality and function. This year, luxurious shag rugs are a big hit with decorators.

Vinyl Flooring – Offering the look of stone, ceramic tiles and hardwood – sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles are a natural solution for today’s homeowner looking for quality and design.

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  1. hardwood lumber

    LOVE THIS HOUSE! I love pretty much every detail and colour used. I would be totally excited if my house was half as pretty as this one. There is a great mix of modern pieces with more rustic ones and that’s a pairing I love! Well done- I’m definitely feeling inspired!

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