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Finding a Starting Place on Your Custom Home Building Project

Finding a Starting Place on Your Custom Home Building Project

Getting started on your dream home? Follow these steps to be successful

Your custom home building project can be an overwhelming experience. One of the first questions I often hear from clients is “Where do we start?” Every dream home starts with a dream, and this is often the best place to begin realizing your vision.

Once you’ve decided to pursue your dream, the question becomes “Where do we build?” In so many cases, location is a major factor in the process and dictates what can be built. At this point, it’s time to find a good residential designer to incorporate your dream and your location into a home that is just right for your lifestyle.

Finding the right designer is an important part of the process, and it’s vital to find someone that you are comfortable with to turn your dream into a reality. While experience and creativity are certainly important criteria for a designer, finding someone that has stylistic and aesthetic tastes that are in line with your preferences will make the process much smoother.

After you have drafted a plan with your designer, the next step is finding a builder. This experience should be similar to your approach to finding a designer. Choose a builder that has an approach that you feel comfortable with. Make sure that you are working with someone that has solid references and a measure of integrity–a little research will eliminate headaches down the road.

Once you’ve got your team in place, you’re ready to begin the process and make your dream house a reality.

J.R. Hilton, of Hilton Design / Build, specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom homes in the Middle Tennessee area. For more information, call him at 615-207-8802, e-mail him at JR@HiltonDesignBuild.com, or log on to his Web site, www.hiltondesignbuild.com.

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