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Easy DIY- Bench Upholstery Tutorial

Easy DIY- Bench Upholstery Tutorial


DIY Bench Upholstery Tutorial 

~or how I took this basic upholstered bench from “blah to ooh la la”.

As I told you in my last post, we’ve been busy. Not only has Textures moved and opened a brand new showroom, but I have moved as well. Over the past 6 months we built our dream home. We are beyond blessed to be in it. Moving is hard work. Now that we are in, I have slowly began the process of decorating each room and making the house a home with our own special flair. I promise to show you the house soon but we’re not quite ready for a photo shoot. However, I will share one little detail with you. Everything inside is inspired by the joie de vivre of France. From the tranquil french blue walls in the Master suite to the French farmhouse table in the kitchen, we are waiving our “Francophile” flags and celebrating French Provincial style.

bench upholstery tutorial

This basic linen covered bench is functional but just didn’t do anything for me. It blended in with the creamy tile floor and the marble countertops. The shiny chrome nail heads did not match the antique bronze hardware. What to do? Reupholster it of course.
Bench upholstery tutorial

  1. Carefully remove all existing upholstery nails using a small flat head screwdriver. Once removed you should be able to just lift the fabric upholstery off.

Bench upholstery Tutorial

2. Using the old upholstery fabric as a pattern, cut out your new upholstery in the fabric of your choice. Don’t you just love this fabric? It’s called “Spa Toile”. Perfect for our Frenchy bathroom.

Bench upholstery Tutorial

3. If you have a sewing machine run a zig zag stitch around all raw edges to prevent the fabric from raveling.

Bench upholstery Tutorial

4. Carefully center your upholstery fabric over the batting on your bench. Folding the edge under (approximately 3/8″) as you go, use upholstery nails to secure your fabric. I started with one nail in the center of each side and worked my way around. If you like, measure between the nails to make sure the distance is the same. (NO, I didn’t do that, just went into the existing holes left from the previous nails skipping a space.)

Bench Upholstery Tutorial

5. Once you have secured all edges, your bench should look somewhat like this. You are now ready to do your corners. I folded the corner inside itself until I could make an inverted pleat which I then secured with upholstery nails. So each corner will have two nails, one on either side of the corner after which the normal spacing resumes.

Bench upholstery Tutorial

Voila! The new and improved vanity bench. Tres chic, right? I love it and I love sharing ideas, inspiration and solutions with you. Comment and let me know what you think of my bench upholstery tutorial. Happy DIY’ing!

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