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Decorating with Area Rugs

Decorating with Area Rugs

Examples of various bindings

Part of the process of decorating your new custom home involves choosing new floor coverings, and area rugs can be an excellent option. It’s easy to incorporate area rugs into your new decorating scheme. They are an excellent value with a number of options available. So what are some things to consider when choosing a rug?

There are some easy ways to give your room a custom look and feel with an area rug. Always begin with a proper measurement of the room. Ideally, you want the rug to remain 12”-18” from the wall throughout the room. Your next consideration needs to be the finish around the edge of the rug. One way to get a great custom appearance is to use a thin binding around the edge. The binding can match the carpet color or possibly some of the upholstery you’re using in the room. Experimenting with different combinations can yield inspired results.

Patterned carpet can lay the foundation for a great room

It’s also important to consider the room your decorating when choosing your rug. If you’re placing the rug in a formal area, you might want to think about a natural-fiber carpet like sea grass or sisal. Alternatively, a soft carpet with a pattern makes a nice addition to a living area or bathroom. Depending on the style and the size of your room, you can expect to spend between $250 to $1,200 on a rug.

A sisal rug can be a great addition to a formal room

There are a number of options available that provide a foundation for your interior. The versatility of these floor coverings allow you to finish your home beautifully and economically.

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