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Before & After:  Custom Stair Runner

Before & After: Custom Stair Runner


They say that pictures are worth a thousand words…and so, we will let these pictures pretty much speak for themselves!  

Take a close look at these photos, and imagine with me….this stair runner adds elegance and warmth to this home.  It quiets the space of the home that can often be very noisy.  It provides a custom design element that will have friends and family envious.  It lightens the space and brings the overall room design brilliantly together.  And best of all, it is truly luxurious on your feet!

Don’t worry, YOU don’t have to be envious of our customers new stair runner….contact us today!  We have a great selection of design inspired carpets for you to choose from, and a design team that looks forward to assisting you in selecting the perfect custom stair runner for your home.

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