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Custom Area Rugs- Barrier Island

Custom Area Rugs- Barrier Island

Custom Area Rugs

Newport Wool Rug by Amy Trowman Designs

What’s new underfoot, Nashville? Custom Area rugs! We are excited about our newest collection of custom area rugs by Barrier Island Rugs. These gorgeous floor coverings are available in both 100% wool and 100% cotton. They can be customized in an endless variety of patterns and colors allowing you to create a one-of-a kind look in your home. 

Custom Area Rugs

Alys Beach Area Rug

We love the area rug in this coastal home. Appropriately named, “Alys Beach”, the cool khaki stripes perfectly compliment the hardwoods in this light filled space.  

Barrier Island rugs are hand loomed in India. The cottons are actually woven 600 miles from the wool. A 9×12 rug is made by four or five weavers on looms just 20″ off the ground. All of the striped rugs are completely reversible due to the double faced weaving technique.

Custom Area Rugs

Collegiate Collection Barrier Island Rugs

Calling all sports fans. Fully custom means just that. Support your favorite team with an area rug in orange and white stripes or another classic pairing like black & gold 🙂

Custom Area Rugs

Oyster Bay Area Rug – Jack Gardner Photography

 Our showroom has a full array of rug samples. You can choose any striped pattern and then choose the colors to suit your space. Choosing custom area rugs has never been so simple.  

Custom Area Rugs

Mexico Beach Area Rug

The cotton rag rugs are cottage weaves and are available in standard sizes up to 9’x12′. As there can be dye lot variances, we recommend a special order whenever two or more of the same rugs are desired.

Key Largo Area Rug Barrier Island

Key Largo Cotton Area Rug Barrier Island

Not sure what size area rug is appropriate for your space? We’re happy to help. Here are some helpful tips to get you started. We have been known to use our handy roll of blue painter’s tape and brown craft paper to tape off a rug template to make sure a rug works in a room. 

Our Barrier Island Rugs offer a custom look with great quality at affordable prices. What’s not to love? Stop by our showroom to see samples and design a custom area rug for your home. 



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