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Create a Spa experience in your home

Create a Spa experience in your home

World class Spa’s are about the most wonderful  place to relax and rejuvenate imaginable. Unfortunately for many of us going to a Spa happens about once every 1-3 years. Although that time is refreshing, I wish I could experience it much more often. A Spa has great design and just the aesthetics and design are enough to let the stress relief begin.

The Spa at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas– A World Class Spa!!

A beautiful Turkish Steam Room– Notice the lighting and tile everywhere

Common design components that you will find in a Spa are lots and lots of stone and tile, great lighting that is soft and subtle and light natural earth tones. Also, tile can be used everywhere. I encourage tiling the walls and even ceiling.

Notice the tile from floor to ceiling, good earth tones too.

Very clean and relaxing– contemporary sty-lings with a more masculine feel

Marble and travertine, great selection of tile sizes too. 3×6 tiles can offer a very good feel

Hit the nail on the head– total relaxation, a true place to refresh and rejuvenate– notice all of the components at work here, the softness of the fabrics, lighting and colors.

I love this shower– perfect example of simplicity

Consider Mosaics, and go big. By that I mean to use it everywhere, try not to break things up by alternating to larger tiles, keep it clean

Best Shower Head– Notice the Rainfall head in the dome, with corresponding tiles. Great look and very natural feel. They diffused the whole look by using curves. I love this!!

Great remodel– travertine to the ceiling and very peaceful– this is a smaller space and it works perfect!! Can you imagine this in your home?

Ultra Modern, but so soothing– blue is a great color to unwind to

A very cool tile– Circles are perfect for a bath, be careful though this is not for the faint of heart

If the budget allows, I recommend a “human car wash” — these get pricey and require to expensive plumbing, but oh so worth it

Well, I hope you were able to find some ideas and inspiration. Let me know what you think and if you would like to share a picture of your bath we would love to see it.

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