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Cork Flooring– Great looking and Versatile!!

Cork Flooring– Great looking and Versatile!!

Cork flooring is such a great look and is very versatile. Cork is available in lots of colors, styles and finishes and can be installed anywhere from the den to the kitchen. Designers love it and the “green” among us will truly appreciate the qualities it brings to the table. The only place I am reluctant to install cork is in totally wet areas such as full baths or laundry rooms. Cork is available in sheets, tiles and floating planks that can be installed over any substrate or grade.

Some of the benefits of cork are as follows-

  • Soft and cushy– as compared to hardwood flooring or tile, your feet will appreciate the added bounce.
  • Sound reducer- Cork is a cellular product to lots of sound is absorbed and make for a quiet walk– Playroom??
  • Durability– Cork is a proven long lasting material– it has been around in churches for a very long time.

I will say that I installed cork in a clients basement that had lots of sun exposure and it faded quite a bit over just a few years, so I would recommend having shades or UV reducing film installed on the windows in these areas.

All the rage is white floors and these look awesome!!

Keeping it casual, but timeless.

If you need a quiet area, think of cork

Love this application in a loft

It can go contemporary if you need it. I love color aqand this makes a statement!!


Lots of cool styles available!!

"peas and carrots" The natural choice for a wine cellar.

I hope this provides a bit of an insight to what cork flooring can look like in your home. Until next time…

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