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Commercial Flooring for your Home?? Nashville says yes!!

Who would have thought that the most fun and colorful flooring available is for office and business use? Now, of course, you may want subtle elegance for your living room- but what about the kids playroom, or bonus room areas? Have you thought of using commercial flooring in those spaces? It is less expensive and looks awewsome!! It cleans great and junior is not going to be able to wear it out.

Talk about color choices??

Talk about color choices??

The best thing about using commercial products is the color choices. One can truly create great looks on limited budgets and know they are getting a product that can last. I would love to see parents think about these options when thinking about the kids areas.

1) Are the kids going to like this?

2) Is this a good value?

3) Does it clean easy?

The answer is yes to all of these questions.

I love this floor, can you inagine this for a group of kids?

Awesome Vinyl Tiles

I think this would win "coolest playroom in the 'hood award"

I think color really stimulates the senses and for a fun area consider doing a collage on the floor. Look how fun this is.

Now this is cool- I love the overlaps!!
Now this is cool- I love the overlaps!!

What do you think of the choices Nashville? Remember flooring can be fun!!