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Before and After Carpet Stair Runner

Before and After Carpet Stair Runner

I love what a stair runner can add to a home. Few things offer more “bang for the buck” then a custom stair runner flowing elegantly down steps. Stair runners can vary widely in style, color and look, but if given some thought any style and color will add a custom finished addition that will give your home a one of a kind feel. Some of our most popular styles are sisal and natural fiber looks.

Striations really look great with the vertical lines of a staircase

I am seeing a lot of color and pattern used on stair runners currently. Installation is really critical so that the runner has a custom finish. What you don’t want is to see some installer  shooting the runner onto the steps with staples. This will not last and will look good for very long.

Take a look at the “before and afters” below. This was installed for a client about a month ago and they have loved it. As a matter of fact, 3 of their friends have ordered a runner similar for their own homes.

Nice stairs, but nothing memorable

ho hum

almost cold, but nice

See the difference?

Skins may not be your thing, but this looks so custom and great

Safe and warms it up

The homeowners love it and so do their friends

Another important attribute that a runner offers is increased safety. Whether for pets, kids or elderly there is no question that the stairs are more safe.

Would you like a stair runner in your home? Did you like the Animal Print runner? Let me know.

One thought on “Before and After Carpet Stair Runner

  1. Nice Job and Nice pictures! I this is important to commit to a project like renovating the stairs. only replacing the carpet would have been a waste of time. I like the darker tone of the wood and love the final result.

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