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12 Days of Christmas-12 Christmas Ornaments

12 Days of Christmas-12 Christmas Ornaments

“On the first days of Christmas my true love gave to me”…….sing with me now, you all know the song. Here are a collection of 12 easy to make Christmas ornaments with links to tutorials so you can recreate these at home either to trim out your own tree or to give as gifts. I don’t know about you but I love receiving homemade Christmas gifts. I look forward to putting them on the tree each year and I remember the gift-giver each time I see them.

Source: Craft Elf.com

1) Glass Snowman Ornament– Even the craftily challenged can make this adorable snowman. Just fill with fake snow and use craft paint to add the facial features.

Source: Crafts Kaboose.com

2) Drip Ball OrnamentHere is a kid friendly Christmas ornament craft. All you need are glass balls and craft paint. For more ideas how to paint glass ornaments, check out this tutorial from Wom-mom.com.

Source: decoist.com

3) Tinsel Filled Glass Ornaments- These are quick and easy. Simply remove the metal ornament cap and hook and fill with tinsel, glitter or sequins. Replace cap and you have a beautiful sparkly ornament. You can further embellish by adding a ribbon bow or using a paint marker to add the year.

Source: http://downtimeupcycle.blogspot.com

4) Block Letter Filled Ornament– I love this ornament for it’s creativity. It is customizable. Choose your word and your filler.

Source: Martha Stewart.com

5) Balloon String Ornament– This intricate ornament looks challenging to make but don’t let looks deceive you. Martha Stewart’s tutorial is only 5 simple steps. Not only is this ornament very unique, it’s cheap. All you need are glue, string and a balloon.

Source: mysparkle.blogspot.com

6) Yarn Ball Ornament– This simple ornament is easy to recreate. All you need is yarn, glue and a styro-foam ball. This could also be made with jute rope for a Shabby Chic themed Christmas tree.

Source: http://leslieashe.blogspot.com

7) Button Ball Ornament– This button ball ornament by Leslie Ashe is easy to make. Buttons are attached to the foam ball using straight pins until the ball is covered. Use any size buttons and any color scheme to suit your taste.

Source: http://cooklovecraft.blogspot.com

8) Feather-filled Glass Ball Ornament– Here’s another ornament that even small children can make. Remove the metal ornament cap and hook. Insert feather(s). Replace cap and hook. Use any color or mixture or feathers you desire. This peacock feather looks exotic!

Source: shanty-2-chic.com

9) Fabric Covered Ornaments– Whitney over at Shanty2Chic created these home-spun fabric covered balls. Her easy tutorial takes just minutes to make this look for your own tree. I love that she was able to upcycle her old ornaments to something new and beautiful.

Source: Pinterest

10) Over-sized pine cone ornament– Most of the work is done by Mother Nature for this ornament. Over-sized pine cones are readily available and can be purchased at most craft stores. Attach a screw eye into the base of the cone, add ribbon and hang from your garland, your stair rail or your tree.

Source: Celebrations.com

11) Photo Ornament Keepsake– This ornament is a way preserve or celebrate a memory. Fill it with your wedding photo and use a paint marker to write your wedding date. Put a baby picture on it and add “Baby’s First Christmas” for a gift for the new parents. The possibilities are diverse.

Source: ayhandcraft.blogspot.com

12) Sequined Ball Ornament– Last but by no means, least, is this sequined ball ornament by Agustina Yornet. I love sequins! This ornament will shine like a disco ball in your tree. Put it in a place where your Christmas lights will reflect it’s beauty.

And there you have it. 12 days of Christmas and 12 easy to make ornaments. Happy Crafting!

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